Wait…What is augmented reality and what are we using it for??

A brief AR Introduction

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a fixture in our everyday lives. AR technology allows us to superimpose objects into the real world, meaning you view your surroundings, in real time, but with a digital object present. Through AR, intangible digital images are mixed with our corporeal surroundings. It may sound like a foreign, futuristic concept, but the reality is, we have already been using AR in our everyday lives for some time. The wildly popular game, Pokémon GO, is one example of people using AR. Remember seeing Squirtle appear on the sidewalk in front of you?

Photo from Pikist.com

How is AR different from VR?

It is easy to confuse augmented reality with virtual reality (VR). While AR brings digital objects into a physical world, VR is a completely immersive experience. Virtual reality essentially replaces the real world with a virtual one. Additionally, augmented reality is viewed through a phone or a tablet, and virtual reality requires the use of a headset or goggles.

Example of Virtual Reality Headset/Goggles Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

How will AR technology be implemented?

AR technology is playing an increasingly large role in the field of medicine. For example, “Neurosurgeons sometimes use an AR projection of a 3-D brain to aid them in surgeries.” Additionally, developers and psychologists are partnering to create AR experiences that allow patients, who suffer from conditions such as PTSD, to address issues in real time, with the aid of a trained medical professional.

Businesses are beginning to use augmented reality to enable consumers to view products, in their real sizes and colors, in their homes. In fact, some apps allow users to view artwork or furniture in a desired space before they buy it.

AR is also taking over social media. For example, you have probably already been using it when you use Instagram and Snapchat filters.

Me using the RAT RAT filter by ramenpolanski on Instagram that superimposes a rat onto your head!

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